Cayan Tower

Cayan Tower


Location: Dubai, UAE

Industry: Mixed-Use

Developer: Cayan Investments

Consultant/Architect: Khatib & Alami

Value: USD 40 million (AED 146 Million)


The Cayan Tower’s dynamic twisting shape challenges conventional architecture and redefines standards of luxury. Located at the entrance of Dubai Marina the 330 meters tall tower consists of 73 floors, each rotated at 1.08°degree. The individual floor rotations sum to a total of 90 degrees over the entire height of the building, making it the tallest high rise building in the world with such structural rotation.

The Tower provides a total of 505 apartments, including studios, one, two, three and four-bedroom duplexes and penthouses. A total of eight circular lifts serve the building, three of which can have a speed of 8 m/s over 330 meters of height.

Service Provided

The structural 1.08-degree rotation rendered the MEP service locations different on every floor and the rotating slabs also demanded a great degree of coordination between all project teams and simultaneous execution of MEP and structural works.

Due to the twist in the building design, the vertical and circular core of the building did not provide sufficient space for fresh air and busbar risers’ installation, and they had to be taken from the inner core to the outer twisted portion of the building.

This posed severe problems as the risers are vertical whereas the outer part of the building has a rotation of 1.08° degree on every floor. The building’s twist below complicated each floor’s design for openings and sleeves.