Board of Directors

The prominent members of Drake & Scull’s Board of Directors are highly esteemed industry veterans who have led the way in shaping the iconic skylines of the Middle East. Their collective experience, knowledge, vision and wisdom steer the company towards success and distinction. They are committed to maximising shareholder value, delivering powerful results and longevity. The board continues to set and achieve higher goals for DSI.

Shafiq Abdelhamid

Mr. Shafiq Abdelhamid is an accomplished and prominent Emirati Engineer and Operations Management professional with over 30 years of
International Contracting, Business & Investment Experience.

He is the Founder and Chairman of City Oasis Real Estate and City Living Real Estate Companies.

He was also the founding Chairman and CEO of City Engineering & Contracting LLC a well-known and respected main contracting company in UAE. Also served as Vice Chairman of Eshraq Investments pjsc.

Mr. Abdelhamid holds a BSc and MSc in Civil Engineering from Manhattan College, New York, USA.

Mr. Shafiq Abdelhamid has been the Chairman of the board of directors of DSI pjsc since 2019.


Ahmed Al Sirkal

Mr. Ahmed Al Sarkal is a prominent Emirati businessman and brings more than 26 years of diverse & rich business investment experience to the DSI PJSC group.

Mr. Ahmed Al Sarkal is the Managing Director of “Flag Holding LLC “.

To add Mr. Ahmed Al Sarkal is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors at “Technogym”, “Fix Pro “& “Hub Land Investments “.

He holds a Master’s degree in Development Administration from the University of Western Michigan, USA.

Mr. Ahmed Al Sarkal joined DSI PJSC as Vice Chairman of the board of directors in 2021 & also a member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.


Mr. Ahmed Brouk Al Hamiri

Mr. Ahmed Al Hamiri brings to the DSI pjsc group more than 17 years of rich & diverse experience working on several vital business & investment projects in the UAE.

Mr. Ahmed Al Hamiri is an active investor in the UAE with investments in public and private companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Mr. Ahmed Al Hamiri has been on the DSI pjsc Board of Directors since 2017.

Mr. Ahmed Al Hamiri holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from United Arab Emirates University & a Master’s Degree in Business
Administration (Finance & Banking) from Al Ain University.


Abdulla Atatreh

Mr. Abdulla Atatreh is an esteemed Emirati Businessman & Engineer. He brings to DSI PJSC more than 22 Years of rich and diverse executive & supervisory experience covering the full spectrum of investments, industries & businesses of energy, insurance, education, real estate development, marine & contracting.

He is currently holding the Vice-Chairman and Managing Director position of Tabarak Investment. In addition, he serves in the following roles, a Vice-Chairman of Bonyan International Investment Group, a Board Member of Wahat Al Zaweya, on the Board of Trustees of Al Ain University, and the Vice Chairman of Takaful Emarat Company.

Mr. Abdulla Atatreh holds a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from the United Arab Emirates University.

Mr. Abdullah Atatreh has been on the board of DSI PJSC since 2017 and he also serves as a member of DSI PJSC Nomination & Remuneration Committee.


Ahmad Kilani

Mr. Ahmad Kilani brings to DSI PJSC two decades of experience in finance and investment banking, in regional and local firms across energy, real estate, trading, manufacturing, construction, and education and tourism sectors.

Successfully managed multiple IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, private placements, restructuring, and equity valuations.

Mr. Ahmad Kilani currently serves as the CEO of Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC.

He also serves as a board member of Tabarak Investment LLC.

Mr. Ahmad Kilani previously served on the board of trustees of Al Ain University, Wahat Al Zaweya Real Estate PJSC, and Takaful Emarat PJSC, he also served as CEO of Tabarak Investment for more than 11 years.

Mr. Ahmad Kilani holds a BSc in finance degree from Al-Yarmouk University and an MBA from the University of Jordan.

Mr. Ahmed Kilani has been a board member of DSI PJSC since 2017 He is also a member of the Audit, Nomination and Remuneration and Restructuring committees.


Abdul Hadi Al Saadi

Mr. Al Sa’di is one of the well-respected & reputable investment management and IPO managers in the region.

He brings to DSI pjsc more than 27 years of experience in Investment Management, Risk Management, Business Planning, Operations, and Treasury Management.
Mr. Al Sa’di has been associated with large institutions in regional and domestic markets, such as Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, ANZ Bank, and Dubai Islamic Bank.

He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of BHM Capital, & played a leading role in restructuring and transforming BHM Capital, making it one of the leading financial services companies in the UAE.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science / Banking & Finance from Al Yarmouk University-Jordan, and a Master’s degree in project management from George Washington University.

Mr. Al Sa’di, has been on DSI pjsc board since 2021 and he also serves as a member on the DSI pjsc Audit Committee.

Abdul Hadi is the CEO of BH Mubasher Financial Services. He holds a BSc degree in computer science / Banking and Finance and has more than 24 years of management and leadership experience at Regional and international financial institutions.

Board Member

Mr. Saqr Hasan

Mr. Saqr Hasan is a dynamic entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in Debt & Capital markets. As the Founder & CEO of SKH, Saqr has built a reputation as a leader and trusted advisor to family offices both internationally and within the GCC.

Saqr's expertise has earned him a seat on the Board of some of the largest publicly listed companies in the UAE, including Takaful Emarat. He also serves as Strategic Advisor to the Board of Rasmala Investment Bank, where he brings his alternative investment-focused approach to asset management strategies.

Saqr has a track record of delivering results - from driving performance to overseeing large-scale business restructurings, Saqr has executed more than 30 successful transactions.

Before founding SKH, Saqr held executive positions in regional and international Banks,
including CitiBank, Emirates NBD, Dubai Islamic Bank, and Ajman Bank.

Mr. Saqr Hasan has been on the DSI board since 2022 and also serves as a member of the DSI pjsc audit committee.

Board of Directors

The Executive committee, chaired by the Chairman and comprising of the CEO, Executive Directors and key officers, develops strategies and policies for recommendation to the board.

Nomination & Remuneration Committee

The Nomination & Remuneration Committee, comprised of independent non-executive board members and, when needed, the Head of HR, considers matters relating to executive reward, including policy for executive directors and senior managers remuneration and their annual remuneration awards. The committee also approves changes to incentive and benefits plans for senior managers and reviews strategic HR issues including employee retention, motivation and commitment, and succession planning for senior managers.

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee, comprised of independent non-executive board members, appoints external auditors and oversees and monitors their work. It also assesses internal audits and compliance, reviews financial statements and financial reporting systems and monitors compliance with the Company’s Code of Conduct.