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With a value of 48 million dollars

Passavant Energy & Environment, a subsidiary of Drake & Scull, acquires a project to design and build a wastewater treatment plant in Saudi Arabia


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 29th April 2024: Drake & Scull International (PJSC) announced that one of its subsidiaries, Passavant Energy and Environment Limited, which specializes in waste water and water treatment technologies, has won a new project to design and build an expanded wastewater treatment plant in the city of Al-Khobar in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company is awarded the project in cooperation with one of the major contracting companies in Saudi Arabia to design and construct an expanded wastewater treatment plant in Al-Khobar. The project main contract value is 789 million Saudi riyals (215 million US dollars), while the subcontract value of the Passavant Company is 48 million dollars, aims to significantly enhance the existing infrastructure and contribute to sustainability efforts in the Eastern Province.

This innovative project includes building an advanced wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 200,000 cubic meters per day. It is worth noting that it includes the design and technology of the process of converting waste into energy, which is among the largest application of this technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This represents a major advance in sustainable resource management.

The project scope includes various components, including an integrated wastewater treatment plant, supporting buildings and facilities, a terminal pumping station, heavy waste treatment tanks, effluent treatment units, water distribution pipelines, and an odor control system. These components will work together seamlessly to ensure that wastewater is treated and managed efficiently and effectively.

Passavant was entrusted with process engineering, procurement, equipment supply, plant installation and commissioning supervision. This partnership highlights Passavant's expertise and commitment to providing innovative solutions in the field of wastewater treatment and its dedication to developing sustainable infrastructure and addressing critical environmental challenges.

This project is in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, and the National Water and Wastewater Company’s ambitious commitment to improving water and wastewater infrastructure throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By allocating an amount of 102.9 billion Saudi riyals to implement 1,294 water and wastewater projects, the National Water and Wastewater Company is leading efforts to ensure access to clean water and promote environmental sustainability throughout the Kingdom.

It is worth to mention that due to its global presence and diverse portfolio of projects implemented in Asia, Africa and Europe, Passavant is keen to utilize its expertise and capabilities to enhance the success of this vital project and make a significant positive impact on society and the environment alike. Drake & Scull remains committed to providing innovative solutions and distinguished services to its customers around the world, with a focus on sustainability and efficiency with the aim of creating added value for its partners and the communities it serves.


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